A city's foundation is built upon its history. With that said, no city in America has a stronger foundation than Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a city that has been tested with fire many times throughout its long history. However, the struggles Chicago has faced have only transformed it into a stronger city.

Chicago's first trial by fire actually involved fire. In 1871, a gigantic fire broke out and spread throughout the city. Much of the city's foundation was destroyed. However, Chicago rose from the tragedy like a phoenix, and the city became stronger than ever.

During the prohibition era, Chicago became famous for its organized criminals like Al Capone. Through the hard work of brave individuals, law and order was restored throughout the Chicago area.

Today, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. However, the influence it has had on American culture cannot be understated.

Chicago has a signature sound, a signature taste, and a signature look. The style of the city has migrated from its birthplace, taking its place in the larger American culture as a whole.

Chicago is the perfect place to have a slice of thick, hearty Chicago pizza, or enjoy a hot dog while watching a game at Wrigley Field. The Navy Pier is home to all sorts of attractions, from games and rides to the popular Shedd Aquarium. Downtown Chicago has become a cultural center of the fashion world, as well as one of the best locations in the world for shopping. Chicago has seen some hard times. However, the Windy City has always come out of those experiences stronger than it was before.